FSC GA in Vancouver : ATIBT Motions relating to Motion 65 on IFL


In the perspective of FSC General Assembly in Vancouver 6-13 October 2017, ATIBT would like to share  its vision on the protection of IFLs.


ATIBT is therefore proud to present you a short video and flyers which highlights our solutions!


Each of us, we share today a common goal of finding the best possible solution for Intact Forest Landscapes. Especially a solution that must take into consideration the interests of all stakeholders.


To achieve this, ATIBT is proposing 3 motions:


  •  to better define the IFLs and its conservation values,
  •  to ensure supports from Governements, in order to encourage FSC certification,
  •  to ensure both social and economic viability for States, local population and companies.


We need your support to make motion 65 effective on the field.


We look forward to meeting you and sharing our views with you in Vancouver!