Agreement between ATIBT and CTWPDA at the International Forum


ATIBT and CTWPDA have signed an agreement in Huzhou, China, to intensify their exchanges on sustainable management and responsible supply chains.

China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association (CTWPDA), established in 1985 upon the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, is a non-profit organization voluntarily joined by enterprises, institutions engaged in the timber and wood products (including bamboo and bamboo products) processing and distribution industry.

ATIBT and CTWPDA signed, on Friday, October 25, in Huzhou, during the Hardwood Conference, a memorandum of understanding aimed at strengthening the relationship between both Parties and increasing the mutual cooperation and coordination, for the promotion of trade and investment in tropical hardwood, share market information on mainly China, Europe and Africa, and share experiences on sustainable forest management practices and certification.

More concretely, this MOU pursues the following objectives (a) provide each other with relevant information of public nature, published in the form of newsletters and any other type of publications or reports concerning the economy, trade, investment situation and current rules, regulations, laws, procedures, standards and best practice related to sustainable forest management practices, timber processing and international  trade and investment in the wood industry in China, Africa and Europe, (b) support each other in market research, compliance with rules and standards and actively seeking for opportunities to cooperate on such activities, (c) regularly communicate with each other on work plans that relate to promoting sustainable tropical hardwood trade in China, Europe and Africa, and actively seeking for opportunities to cooperate on such activities, (d) facilitate market linkage and exchange of information for member enterprises of both associations, to promote the establishment of responsible supply chains of forest products while integrating anti-corruption and bribery rules to control supply sources, (e) support the other party’s activities aimed at promoting the timber and wood products trade, such as giving speeches or presentations, and encourage member enterprises to be present in other party’s forums and exhibitions.