Yaoundé: The actors of the wood transformation of Cameroon and Gabon currently in training-action


As part of the continuation of training activities for the year 2022, wood processing actors have been participating since September 19, 2022 in Yaoundé, in a training-action on the themes of drying and sharpening.

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The project to support the development of continuing education in the forestry and wood sector in Central Africa (ADEFAC) is continuing its activities to improve the skills of actors in the forestry sector through a training-action that has been taking place since Monday, September 19 in Yaoundé on the themes of drying and sharpening.

10 participants, 8 of whom work in Cameroon and 2 in Gabon, are taking part in the training-action led by the Consultant Pierre-Yves LE FLECHER. These participants are teachers from technical training institutions and wood processing professionals. They have all followed the training of trainers in andragogy and the engineering of continuing education in 2021 and early 2022. This training provided them with methods and tools for prescribing training, building specifications, developing reference materials and training modules that meet the needs of the market and based on the competency-based approach.

Equipped with these skills, the trainers proceeded in the first phase of the training to analyze the specific needs of companies, SMEs and craftsmen in terms of drying and sharpening. They then received from the training consultant the theoretical and practical tools related to drying and sharpening and exchanged on the modalities of construction of specific modules according to the type of targeted actors.

After this phase of needs analysis and construction of a pedagogical scenario, the training foresees a phase of construction of the modules themselves and a final phase of testing the modules with the actors of the forestry sector.

The next action trainings are scheduled as follows

  • Brazzaville: Monday 25 to Friday 30 September 2022 for trainers specialized in carpentry and maintenance of secondary and tertiary processing tools;
  • Kinshasa: Monday, October 31 to Friday, November 4, 2022 for trainers specialized in carpentry and cabinetmaking at the artisanal level.

The trainers trained by these training-actions will in turn, on the basis of the modules they have developed, give free continuous training to the actors of the wood processing sector in the coming months. There will be a charge for the next training.

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