Welcome to our new member : Cord King (Canada)



Cord King is a Canadian manufacturing company specializing in the fabrication of Firewood Processors for the past 40 years. These Processors sole purpose is to transform logs into fuel wood for homes, cooking wood for restaurants and packaged firewood bundles for convenience.  User friendly and affordable, Cord King have acquired a world wide notoriety and respect based on the reliability and performance or their equipment and service after sale, including the best warranty in the business.


Cord King has sold machineries in over 16 countries and is still expanding.  Through innovation, Cord King continues to push technology to the limit, fabricating the best and most reliable firewood processor in the world today.  Cord King has the benefiting of the strict quality assurance standards imposed by different levels of governments in Canada.


Every machine Cord King manufacture can be customized to the clients needs. The machine comes with a full training package and a team of experts to support service after sale.  Cord King was recently chosen from all manufacturer of Firewood Processing Equipment worldwide, by the TV Show “Worlds Greatest” from the United States, to do a show dedicated to their machines and the people behind this great company.


Why did you decide to join ATIBT?


CORD-KING-LOGO« We decided to join ATIBT since we realized that some companies are buying our machinery in Africa.  They basically are leasing the African forest for very cheap, process the their wood into firewood and export it around the world making a very good profit. We want to put our machines into the African people so they can optimize the profitability. »

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