Welcome to our new member : Saloua Ghazil, EFCLab (France)



After ten years of transferring knowledge, transferring technology and R&D in higher education, Saloua Ghazil decided to apply timber science to the development of the timber/forest industry and the justice sector, by creating EFC Lab. This Nantes-based laboratory specialised in expertise, continuing education and consulting in the timber-forest sector is capitalising on a rare competence, a rich and varied experience, within several timber supply chains and a cutting-edge scientific network.


It is new way to transmit knowledge and offer support that enables to meet the expectations of timber and forest professionals simply, quickly and efficiently, in terms of training and in terms of research and the improvement of product performance and the industrial processes.



Why did you decide to join ATIBT?




« As we are naturally committed to sustainable development, we are mindful of the economic growth of our sector; the impact of global warming on the future of certain species is therefore one of our primary concerns. Indeed, after having accompanied the private forest sector in the decline of the pedunculate oak and the search for an alternative species, we will eextend our studies to the international level thanks to ATIBT – by virtue of its strategy, its commitments and its international networks -« 


Saloua Ghazil / EFCLab Anatomy & Quality of Timber
Doctor in timber and fibre sciences, specialising in the Anatomy and Quality of Timber
Member of the Rennes Court of Appeal’s appointed judicial experts
Scientific expert near the National Research Agency

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