Welcome to our five new members





New members


ATIBT has welcomed five new members. Some of them are new and others have returned. We are pleased to present them here: a hearty welcome to all of them!




JAF Group

For many years in the international timber trade, the JAF Group has been known as Central Europe’s leading wholesaler for wood and wood-based materials. Nearly 70 years of experience give them a solid understanding of the market. Their buyers and sellers have long-term relationships with each link in the supply chain – whether foresters, sawmill owners, or industrial processors. From the first order to shipping, from round timber in the forest to the delivery of goods, JAF Group guarantee trustworthiness and personal customer service.


Why did you decide to join ATIBT?


« From the beginning of our business in 1948 our credo « Wood is our World » has been our firm belief. Today the JAF Group is a player in the international timber trade and therefore recognizes its important role in promoting sustainable forest management practices. With joining ATIBT we want to contribute to maintaining and enhancing the world`s forest resources. »

Lonza Wood Protection

Lonza Wood Protection is part of the Swiss group Lonza, based in Basel, one of the world’s leading suppliers to the Pharma&Biotech and Specialty Ingredient markets. Based in the United Kingdom, Lonza Wood Protection manages key markets across Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa and has sister companies in the Americas, Asia Pacific and South Africa. It offers a wide range of industrial applied wood protection treatments which improve the performance of wood (to make it resistant to termites, fungi, mold, fire and moisture), including the renown Tanalith and Resistol preservative brands, and many products satisfying green building and sustainability standards. Lonza Wood Protection manages key markets across Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa and has sister companies in the Americas, Asia Pacific and South Africa.


Why did you decide to join ATIBT?


“We decided to work with ATIBT because first of all our very good relationship with Benoît [BenoîtJobbé-Duval, Managing Director of ATIBT] who we know for a very long time doing business in Spain. Second this gives us a great opportunity to get in contact with new companies and officials in West African countries where we are not active yet. We have the opportunity to help develop these countries together with ATIBT to treat their timber and help preserve their environment and sustainability for their timber industry. “




Founded in 1980, the CABD company is an active player in the tropical timber trade and industry. After initial activities in San Pedro (Ivory Coast), the company’s business shifted to Gabon, Cameroon and Congo, with a strong level of activity still present in Okume (serving the Port of La Pallice). CABD then enlisted an engineering company (CPF) specialised in primary processing plants (rotary cutting and sawing), both in Africa and in Europe. CABD collaborates with its suppliers in terms of both purchasing and technical interventions (modernisation and the creation of wood processing tools).

Today, the Bois Industrie (Wood Industry) company, a subsidiary of CABD, has taken over this engineering activity by combining it with a division that specialises in the marketing of wood products sold through major retailers. Four years ago, CABD installed a planing facility in the Port of La Pallice, in order to bring to market ready-to-use products that meet the needs of the deck market (boards and bridging joists). CABD and Bois Industrie also collaborate with South American countries (Chile), North America (USA, Canada), not to mention Eastern Europe (Poland).


What brought you back to ATIBT?


« An ATIBT member since its origin, CABD had interrupted its participation, as it believed that the association’s activities had become more political than professional. »


Fayswood and RF Consultants


photo_richard-faysRichard Fays is an upstream/downstream forest expert whose activities (Fayswood and RF Consultants) are centered on technical expertise : inspection and sorting of logs and cuts, classification training, optimisation of parks and industrial sites. He is very familiar with ATIBT, as he was one of its experts and vice president of its Chamber of Arbitration before moving to Madagascar at the end of 2008.


What brought you back to ATIBT?

« As I’ve never lost touch with this organisation – which remains dear to my heart and whose survival is a major concern to me – I am rejoining it as an individual member. »


Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is a registered International Non-Profit Organisation based in New York whose mission is to protect the planet, people and the ecosystem by conserving biodiversity and ensuring Sustainable Livelihoods by transforming land use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour. Through its Certification division RA-Cert, Rainforest Alliance is one of the leading names in Forestry and Agriculture Certification. From its Regional Offices in Africa, notably Nairobi, Yaounde and Accra, the Rainforest Alliance operates in over 20 countries and certifies more than 3.3 million hectares under the FSC Standard, with more than 1.3 million hectares under VLC (Verified Legal Compliance) and more than 1.3 million under SAN Certification. (Sustainable Agriculture Network).


What brought you back to ATIBT?


« Rainforest Alliance considers ATIBT to be a solid and reliable partner that will help it achieve its objectives in terms of sustainable natural resource management. »

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