Welcome to our new member : SOTOMAR (Spain)


Working in the wood industry for almost 40 years, SOTOMAR, represented by Florinda Martín, is a timber broker, mainly from tropical forests in West African countries.

Based in Torrente (Spain), the structure represents on the Spanish market several forest managers members of ATIBT.

SOTOMAR is part of the Spanish Association AIEM (Asociación Española del Comercio e Industria de la Madera – Spanish Trade and Wood Industry Association), is a private non-profit organization of wood products distributors and agents and sales offices.

ATIBT is pleased to continue to broaden its openness and the geographic origins of its members by continuing to strengthen its relations with Spanish-speaking countries.


Why did you choose to join ATIBT?

SOTOMAR thanks ATIBT for accepting it as a member and hopes to contribute to giving more visibility to tropical timber. Being in contact with companies that work in accordance with development plans, legality, and who are engaged in social and environmental issues is of vital importance to preserve the rainforest, which is our way of life and a guarantee of continuity for future generations.

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