Welcome to our new member : SENBCI



The SENBCI (Syndicat des Exportateurs et Négociants en Bois de Côte d’Ivoire – Federation of Ivory Coast Timber Exporters and Traders) has a threefold mission:


•    to provide exporters and traders with as much assistance as possible in all areas where they have shared interests, to foster and maintain a permanent link between members and to harmonise their professional interests;
•    to present the recommendations and resolutions adopted by the federation to the government, administration and national agencies while backing them;
•    to examine technical, fiscal, social and economic professional issues, as well as those related to transport (land and sea), export, trade and the brokering of timber from the Ivory Coast, as well as to bring together and communicate to the members of the federation any documentation relating to it, and – lastly – to ensure of the legality of the timber that is to be exported.


What brought you back to ATIBT?


«  We decided to come back to ATIBT because it’s a platform for exchange where our members can conduct business with other ATIBT members while keeping abreast at all times about the general state of the timber trade. »

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