The Marketing Commission was held on November 8


The last ATIBT Marketing Commission was held on Zoom on Tuesday, November 8.

The minutes of the commission are available on request for ATIBT members.

As usual, this meeting dealt with many topics, starting the session with market issues. Committee members, and in particular producers, were able to discuss the Republic of Congo's announcement to ban log exports in 2023 and emphasized the need to be supported in this transition.

After a discussion on the global trade situation, namely that there is a strong slowdown in demand and a drop in prices since the summer, Isabelle Brose, guest of this commission, presented the European Parquet Federation - Created in 1956 in Germany, this European federation aims, as its name indicates, to defend the interests of the parquet industry and to position wood as a choice material. Paying attention to the issue of durability of wood, FEB has initiated exchanges with ATIBT.

Finally, the commission was an opportunity to review the actions of the marketing program. The social networks of Fair&Precious (its LinkedIn page and its Instagram page) have been taken over by Maylis Borelli, who worked at ATIBT from 2019 to 2021 and who knows well the issues of our sector. The Dryades and Themis projects are also progressing well, with the upcoming publication of life cycle analyses for one and the first collection of data outside of the test year for the other.

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