End 2022 session of the ATIBT Wood Materials & Standardization Commission


ATIBT proposed to ITTO, within the framework of the Wood Materials & Standardization Commission, the financing of a study on "contracts and practices in the tropical timber trade", which was validated.

On October 18, 2022, the last Wood Materials & Standardization Commission of the year was held by videoconference.

For information, the technical support activity of CIRAD's Tropical Timber team to ATIBT and its members covers a wide range of tropical timber topics; requests can be sent through ATIBT.


Credit: Imagéo / ATIBT - Factory in Congo

This session was an opportunity for its members to come back on several technical topics, which we mention below.

The two Evolution of the classification of commercial African species of the genus Afzelia (Doussié) and of the genus Pterocarpus (Padouk) in the General Nomenclature of Tropical Timber are available on the ATIBT website in French and English versions. In addition, the development of a summary sheet on the genus Khaya meets several objectives related to the need to overcome some confusion about the species of the genus and some misinformation on their names and their uses.


In addition, ITTO has agreed to provide financial support for a study by ATIBT to develop a document or documents of Guidance and Recommendations on Contracts and Practices for the International Trade in Tropical Timber, to replace the two former ATIBT documents Contracts and Practices and Litigation and Claims, which have become obsolete.

 Credit: Imagéo / ATIBT - Factory in Congo

These recommendations should focus on the framework of the contract and on the proposal of a common language taking into account the differences in practices according to the targeted markets and the evolution of these practices. It is proposed that the document should be made up of a set of sheets covering the various headings to be dealt with. The heading Dimensions and oversizes will be the first to be addressed because of the importance of the questions and the associated issues.

Finally, concerning the question of dimensions and oversize, the members of the Wood Materials and Standardization Commission will be consulted on their practices: marketed dimensions (e, l, L) and associated oversize by type of product (raw lumber, dried products, glued, etc.). It is important to set up well formalized rules which can however evolve. The formalization of dimensions and oversizes is necessary for the producers, for the customers but also for the local administrations in charge of the controls.


The minutes of the commissions are available on request for ATIBT members.