ATIBT Technical Commission


The ATIBT technical commission was held on 14 January 2020 in Nogent-sur-Marne. The 17 members present studied the proposals and validated the professional rules and the working axes.

Its presidency is now held by Emmanuel GROUTEL who recalled that this technical commission was the business of all professionals in this sector and that the technical aspect of the ATIBT was a major focus.

The commission finalized and validated the document entitled « Levels of wood processing« , as well as an erratum of the Nomenclature Générale des Bois Tropicaux by distinguishing 3 pilot names in the genus Afzelia: Doussié, Pachy and Lingué, and 2 pilot names in the genus Pterocarpus in order to distinguish Padouk from Pterocarpus tinctorius (listed in the CITES Appendices).

In view of the results of the analysis of material yields according to the grading rules, the committee decided not to recommend the use of the SATA rules, and requests that a working group revise the ATIBT grading rules focusing on the FAS and AIC grads.

At the proposal of one of its members, the committee considers that a five-day training course should be offered to professionals to explain the specificities of wood material, its trade and regulatory aspects. The committee would also like a document to be drawn up containing essential information for the management of disputes (claim deadlines, tolerances, assessment of damage and communication).

Finally, the project to produce Environmental Products Declarations for collective requires co-financing from professional organisations representing the private sector. These data are becoming essential to respond to European regulatory changes. The next technical commission will be held at the ESB in Nantes on 26 May 2020 at 10.30 am. The registration of the participants will be done with the secretary of the commission: Patrick Martin

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