The Carbon and Biodiversity Commission met on 9 November.


The last meeting of the Carbon and Biodiversity Commission was held by videoconference on 9 November, gathering around forty participants. Two major topics were discussed: the Three Basins Summit and new carbon opportunities for foresters.


The meeting was rich in discussion, addressing a range of crucial issues relating to sustainable forest management.

The Three Basins Summit (held in Brazzaville from 26 to 28 October) was highlighted as a significant platform bringing together stakeholders from the three tropical forest basins. The meeting highlighted the importance of coordinating efforts at global level to manage forest resources responsibly, and to support scientific and technical cooperation.

Vincent Istace, CSR Director at CIB-Olam, and Alain Karsenty, socio-economist at CIRAD, attended the Summit and shared their experience. They focused respectively on PES mechanisms for forest concessions and on carbon markets.


The second part of the meeting presented two innovative initiatives in the field of forest certification. Firstly, the Ecosystem Restoration Standard (ERS) was presented as an innovative approach to certifying restoration projects, with particular emphasis on the speed of certification, the integration of biodiversity and transparency.

Another key initiative is the Initiative for Biodiversity Accountability and Policy (IAPB), which seeks to establish an international market for biodiversity credits. Discussions focused on valuing ecosystem services, generating demand for credits and the need to maintain ethical integrity in these transactions.


The final part of the meeting dealt with internal issues, including the reorganisation of the secretariat. The future work of the commission was also discussed, with plans for participation in events, and research projects.


The presentation and minutes of the commission are available to ATIBT members on request.