The Marketing Program Steering Committee, and the ATIBT Marketing Committee, took place on Thursday, June 6, 2019


The development of the Fair & Precious brand is one of the key points of this marketing program.

The participants were the donors of the program – PPECF-KFW and AFD -, some service providers, Stratémark and Links, as well as various members of the ATIBT.

The agenda included many points. First of all, the committee took stock of the donors stituation to recall that AFD’s support ended in June 2018 and that the launch of the PPECF-KfW support took place in June 2018.

The delivery of the activity report of the 2018 marketing program was made. This is the third report after 2016 and 2017 in addition to the reports specific to each donor.

2019 actions in progress have been described, including the launch of the partnership campaign, and the current signatures of the PEFC-PAFC and FSC conventions.

The collaboration with LCB (Le Commerce du Bois) and STTC (Sustainable Timber Trade Coalition) -Probos was the subject of an agenda item, because of the importance of these for the future of the program, and its internationalization.

A Fair & Precious newsletter will be launched in conjunction with STTC.

With the help of the agency Open2Europe, press actions are currently numerous, since 5 articles were published in November 2018, 8 in December 2019, 8 in January, 8 in February, 11 in March, 5 in April, a result in 6 months of 55 articles in 6 European countries (France, UK, Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain) for an Advertising Value Equivalent of € 48,775.

A trip to Africa for C8 channel teams (Canal Group) for the show « Animals of the 8 » is also planned for October.

The presentation of video clips was made, on different subjects, « FAUNA », « COLLECTION », « SOCIAL », « SOCIO-ECONOMIC », « CLIMATE », etc. in French, Italian, Spanish, German, English, Dutch.

The ArchiExpo « market place » was the subject of 3 e-mailings, on different topics, « Fair & Precious fight against deforestation », « Fair & Precious engine of economic and social development », and « Fair & Precious ecological, aesthetic and sustainable essences ». A first database of companies interested in the Fair & Precious brand is in the process of being set up.

Fair & Precious’s digital environmental ecosystem analysis is currently underway with the support of 6Lab. It is reminded of the importance of concrete testimonials from companies, for press relations, the new digital ecosystem and social networks.